For certain conditions, radiology is vital to the health of your cat or dog. Vets use radiology to accurately diagnose illness, disease and locate objects your pet has swallowed. Dr. Jennifer Klabunde, DVM, CVCP is specially certified to perform radiology and radiation services to small animals, including cats and dogs.

What Will My Pet Experience?

Similar to when a human needs an x-ray, the process involves sitting still in different positions and taking an image of a specific area. Taking x-rays is safe, but your veterinarian will provide recommendations based on your animal’s situation. Most animals have no problem remaining still for a few seconds, but some animals may need to be sedated for a short time to ensure the vet can obtain the proper images.

What Types of Radiology are Offered?

We offer many different types of radiology, including dental, barium, regional and full body. The exact type of radiology needed will depend on what the vet needs an x-ray for and their recommendations.

Reasons for Radiology Services

  • Assess or diagnose an illness or disease
  • Detect a bone fracture
  • Find and assess tumors
  • Identify bladder stones
  • Locate swallowed objects


Additional Care includes but is not limited to: