Just like humans, cats and dogs can develop diseases and health conditions that diminish their quality of life or cause the animal to develop extreme behavior issues. During these times, a pet owner may need to decide whether to euthanize their beloved pet, which is never easy. Northwood Animal Hospital provides humane services to relieve a pet from pain and suffering and does so in a manner that is private and comforting for the owner and pet.

Reasons to Consider Euthanasia:

  • Terminal illness that medication and surgery can no longer relieve
    • Cancer
    • Renal disease
    • Heart failure
  • Quality of life is severely diminished
  • Uncontrollable behavior problems putting you and your family at risk
  • Chronic illness

Consider Taking Measures to Make it Easier:

  • Think about the decision and discuss your options with close friends and family
  • Prepare yourself and your family mentally and emotionally
  • Schedule the appointment when the clinic is less busy
  • Take a friend with you
  • Take the day off of work
  • Pay before the procedure is performed
  • Consider what to do with your pet before the procedure is performed


Additional Care includes but is not limited to: