Why Does My Pet Need an E-Collar?

By November 10, 2015Pet Talk

After a surgical procedure, we will send your pet home with the dreaded cone of shame. We swear that we don’t do this just to torture you both, but there is a medical reason. Without this cone, your pet would be able to lick their surgical incision. This licking can cause a lot of problems!

  • The first problem could be they remove their sutures or staples. This could cause the incision to open up and expose their internal organs.
  • The licking of the incision will cause an infection to develop. Although you may love those sloppy kisses, those mouths contain lots of bacteria that will cause an infection.
  • Your pet does not know that they shouldn’t be licking, so do them a favor and make it impossible for it to happen!
  • Plus, you can have fun with the cones and make them a fashion statement for your pet by decorating them.  See adorable Leo below representing his team!


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