Vaccine Side Effects

By September 16, 2016Pet Talk

What to Expect after Your Pet’s Vaccination…

Congratulations.  By vaccinating your pet, you have taken an important step toward protecting your pet and your family.

Vaccination is the most common veterinary preventive measure in history.  It’s a safe and effective way to protect pets and people from serious disease.

It can be common for your pet to experience mild side effects from vaccination.  Typically starting within hours of vaccination, any symptoms are most often mild and usually do not persist for more than a few days.  This is a normal response by your pet’s immune system during the process of developing protective immunity.

Common symptoms your pet may experience: mild fever, decrease in social behavior, diminished appetite or activity, sneezing or other respiratory signs with intranasal vaccines, and/or discomfort or mild swelling at the injection site

If your pet experiences any of these, or other symptoms, you should contact our hospital immediately, as your pet may require additional medical treatment.



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