Tips to Stay Safe for the Fourth

By June 28, 2016Pet Talk


Follow these tips to ensure both you and your pet have a Happy Independence Day!

  • Make sure your pet’s collar, tag and microchip have the most up to date information
  • Check doors and fences to ensure they are safe and secure
  • Take a current photo, just in case they slip out
  • Not all pets love the loud booms that come with beautiful fireworks. If you are unsure, try acclimating them and if they become terrified, consider taking them home and leaving them at home in the future
  • If your pet has a fear of loud noises or large crowds, consider leaving them home in a safe space or crate while you enjoy the fireworks
  • Keep all food and drinks out of reach from your furry friend
  • Watch the temp! Dogs can overheat very quickly. Make sure they have access to water and a shady area if they start to become warm
  • If you decide to light off some fireworks, make sure that all debris is cleaned up not only for the safety of your pet, but also others


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