Tips to Help Your Fence Do It’s Job…

By June 7, 2016Pet Talk

A fence will only help you, if you help it. Fences need to be checked regularly to make sure that they can do their job properly: keeping them fenced in! Here are some tips that can help keep your fence up to the challenge of keeping your pet on the right side of the fence!

  • Do regular checks of your fence to make sure there are not any holes, gaps or tunnels. Think like a dog when you do this, that way you can pick out any weak areas that may not be obvious to you, but obvious to your pet.
  • Have some “peeking” areas. These can be small knotholes or a teeny tiny space between the slats where your pet can see out. This can keep them occupied and discourage bad behaviors like digging or barking.
  • Create a digging corner. This will give them a healthy way to dig until their heart’s content. This can consist of a corner that is filled with sand or try even a children’s sandbox with a cover. Try to bury some toys and treats to entertain your pet and teach them the healthy place to dig.
  • Add some water! Try having a kiddie pool or sprinkler in the yard to keep them cool and entertained. Make sure to monitor them while they are outside.
  • Keep it cool…make sure they have an area where there is shade for your pet to cool down on those warm days.
  • Make sure they are protected. Back yards can harbor pesky parasites like fleas and ticks. Make sure your pet is on a flea and tick prevention prescribed by your Veterinarian.


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