Tips for Traveling with a Fearful Dog

By June 3, 2016Pet Talk
  1. Make sure they are not prone to motion sickness- This can make the car ride much enjoyable for everyone involved. If your pooch is prone to getting sick in the car, talk to your Veterinarian. There are medications that will help make your pet feel better and acutually enjoy the ride!
  2. Make time for short trips- Make time for trips that are short and enjoyable for your pet, like going to a park or going to get ice cream! This will help to reinforce a positive connection with car rides.
  3. Make the trip interesting- Try freezing some peanut butter in a kong to keep your pet entertained and prevent boredom on longer trips. This helps keep their minds and tummies happy, while being in a car.
  4. “Click it or ticket!”- Just like you use a seatbelt to keep you safe, you should use one to keep your pets safe. They can hurt just as easily as us in the case that there was an accident. Use a pet safety seatbelt or keep them in a large, secure kennel.
  5. Go slow- If you have a pet that is high anxiety or fearful of new things, take it slow! Also, try using toys and treats to create a positive relationship with the car and rides.

We hope you and your furry friends enjoy your summer road trips!


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