Tips and Tricks For Staying Safe This Halloween

By October 29, 2017Pet Talk

Keep your Pets safe this Halloween by following these spooktacular safety tips:

  • Lock all candy away
    • Be sure that all candy is locked away in a spot that your pets cannot access. Also, be sure that children do not try to stash and hide away candy-pets have a great sense of smell and will be able to sniff out those hiding spots with ease. If candy is ingested, be sure to contact your Veterinarian right away.
  • Do not leave glow sticks laying around
    • Pets can find these glow sticks very amusing, but it can leave you with a sick and fluorescent pet. Call your Veterinarian immediately if you believe they ingested any part of the stick.
  • Keep your pets visible and easily identifiable
    • Make sure your pet has a reflective leash or collar that makes them easily visible at night. Better yet, have them wear a flashing light!
  • Know your pet’s limits
    • Some pets may not enjoy all of the spooky activities. Make sure you have a safe and quiet area your pets can go to hang out if they get a little too scared. Also be sure to keep them safe when you are opening and closing your doors for trick or treaters!
  • Check the costumes
    • Halloween is the perfect time of the year to get your furry friends all dressed up, just make sure that they will be in something that is comfortable, that they cannot get tangled in any parts and that they cannon ingest anything. NEVER leave your furry friend in a costume alone.

From all of us at Northwood, we wish you a safe and Happy Halloween!

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