Time To Celebrate, Happy 4th of July!

By July 4, 2017Pet Talk

Summer is here and we LOVE to bring our furry friends to all our favorite summer festivities. Independence Day is filled with fun, family, and laughter. When celebrating the 4th of July this year be conscious of your furry companions. Holidays can pose threats to our pets as our attention is not focused on our pets.

Food: Grilling season is upon us! Remember that our furry friends also like our grill masters tid-bits. Grease from grills dripping onto the ground may cause your pet to lick there and can ingest whatever the grease is dripping on whether that be loose gravel or dirt. Bones are another concern make sure your BBQ host keeps bones in the trash and out of pets reach as they pose a threat to your pet. Bones can splinter when chewed and can cause a blockage in our pet’s digestive system which results in a life threatening situation.

Parades: You may want to include cute little Star Spangled Fido by taking him/her to your favorite parade or communal activity. Remember a lot of people do this and to be aware that not all K9 companions get along. Dog fights can occur so keeping your pet on a leash and under a watchful eye can make for an enjoyable celebration for everyone.

Fireworks: Use caution when lighting off those colorful fireworks! They can make loud noises making our pets very afraid and they may hide or even flee to seek shelter. Fireworks also pose burn threats and can be toxic if ingested. If you know your pet is fearful of loud noises it may be wise to leave them at home in their space where they feel most safe.

We hope you and your pets have a happy and safe 4th of July!!

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