Ticks, Ticks, Ticks!

By May 19, 2017Pet Talk

The tick season is here! Due to the warmer temps this winter, experts are predicting this to be one of the worst tick seasons we have ever seen! Even though there are not any lyme vaccines or protection for humans, there are products available to protect your furry loved ones.

  • Lyme Vaccine: We have a Lyme vaccine available that will help to protect your pet against the transmission of Lyme disease. Call us today to ensure your pet is up to date on this vaccine or we can get them in ASAP to start the booster series.
  • Bravecto: This is a pork flavored chew (dogs) or a topical (cats) that only has to be given/applied every 12 weeks. You heard us right: 1 chew/topical protects your pets from fleas AND ticks! This products will kill fleas and ticks before they can transmit any deadly diseases, like Lyme disease or the new potentially fatal Powassan virus. The other benefit is any ticks that attach to your pet (and they bring into your house), will die and be unable to attach to you!

Call us today to make sure you and your furry friends are protected during this tick terrible season!

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