Their Last Days, Euthanasia Talk

By August 6, 2017Pet Talk

Euthanasia is a rough subject for all pet owners and veterinary staff. We all play a part in ensuring that all of their days are good until their very last good day. There are many ways we can extend our pets lives with proper senior or geriatric care with the aid of a end of life plan between the client, pet , and veterinarian. End of life plans should be thought up well before the pet has become ill. Modern medicine and diagnostic tools can be used to properly diagnose, treat, manage, and monitor end of life diseases such as kidney disease, liver disease, and even cancer.

The bright eyed puppy or kitten that you once knew is still very much inside your geriatric pet, their needs just simply evolve through each life stage.

Never be afraid to ask your veterinary staff about any euthanasia or hospice care questions. They are there to help you with important end of life decisions. Many owners do not understand that they have options for end of life care other than euthanasia. Your pet can receive hospice care where their pets disease process can be monitored and treated with proper medications to keep them comfortable until the time is right for euthanasia.

Talking to your children about euthanasia. This subject can be very upsetting and confusing for children. Remember each child may grieve differently and need different strategies to explain this end of life process in a way they will understand.  There are all sorts of media you can get like children’s books you can read to your child to help them understand what is happening to their furry friend.  Preparing them early on is important it can make a traumatic situation easier to handle for the child and parents.  Planting the seed as soon as your pet is diagnosed with the end of life disease is key the child will likely want to hold some sort of celebration of life ceremony or write a letter to their loved one. Some ways to honor your pet would be to take videos of special moments together or photographs, make a scrapbook, create a bucket list to do together, plant a tree or bush at your pets favorite spot.


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