The Pros of Probiotics

By June 10, 2016Pet Talk

You may have heard us use the term Probiotic…but do you know what we mean? Simply put, probiotics put the good bacteria in your pet’s immune system. These are VERY important when your pet is on an antibiotic because antibiotics take out the good and bad bacteria out of their digestive system, the probiotic will put that good bacteria back in the system and help to prevent negative side effects like diarrhea. Think of what your Dr. tells you when you are on antibiotics…they say to eat yogurt or cottage cheese and this is the same thing, just formulated especially for your pet. Not only can they take them when they are on antibiotics, they can also be used in every day life as a supplement to support a healthy digestive tract. This is also very helpful for pet’s that have a sensitive GI tract or a prone to diarrhea, it can help to keep them balanced. Have questions or want to put your pet on one today? Call us and we can help!



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