The Missing Link

By January 9, 2018Pet Talk

Just like us our pets need a balanced diet and an active lifestyle to maintain a healthy life. Each pet is an individual with distinct needs which means there are times where we need to fill some gaps in nutrition to achieve an overall “healthy life.”

Pet owners can start with what they know, are you feeding a balanced dog food? If so then it is time to look at your pet and learn about their breed. Ask yourself, What issues can arise? Not sure on your dogs genetics? Talk to your veterinarian and focus on what issues are going on now and supplement accordingly. Maybe your dog has flakey skin or a dull hair coat or maybe they could benefit from an immune boosting supplement. Joint supplements and probiotics are great also. The list can go on and on, the important thing is to have a conversation with your veterinarian and they  can help you decide what supplements are best for your pet’s specific needs.

Some supplements we carry here at our clinic are:

  • Dasuquin tablets, chews, or capsules: Great for joint health providing maximum cartilage support and lubricates joints
  • Missing Link Superfood supplement: helps bridge the gap in nutrition, benefits healthy skin and coat, energy level, healthy immune system, healthy GI system, and soft tissue, ligament, muscle, and tendon function
  • Fast Track: Probiotic for GI health, similar to eating a yogurt for you and me! This supplement puts the good bacteria back into your pets GI tract.
  • Vetri-lysine soft chews: Great for immune support for our feline friends

If you feel your pet is lacking in nutrition somehow talk to us about supplements and we can help you bridge the gaps!


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