The Microchipping Procedure

By January 12, 2016Pet Talk

This is really a much simpler procedure than most think! Anesthesia is not even required. Here are the steps below that a Dr. will take to implant a microchip in your pet.

  • The syringe used to place the microchip is sterile and similar to the size of a syringe used for vaccines. See the picture below.
  • The microchip is located in the tip of the needle. The needle is similar to that used in routine vaccinations
  • The Dr. will insert the chip in-between the shoulder blades. There is very minimal pain felt by the animal, most don’t even know that this is taking place!
  • The actual microchip is the size of a grain of rice. It is coated with biocompatible materials so that it can stay in your pet permanently.
  • There are no batteries needed for the microchip, which means you will never have to worry about it needing any charging. Instead it uses radio-frequency for a quick and painless identification.
  • Your pet’s microchip has an individual number or code that can never be altered or duplicated thanks to special encryption technology.
  • We use a special scanner (seen below) that detects the microchip and shows us the unique code to your pet. We can then enter that into a database that will give us the information needed for a happy and quick reunion!

chip2 scanner

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