The Kitty Convict Project

By January 23, 2016Pet Talk

kittiesHave you heard of the Kitty Convict Project? This is a program that was started to help more lost cats turn into found cats. The idea is that most of the time people see a cat outside they assume he is a stray and they are less likely to  report the kitty as found. The project encourages owners to have their indoor cats wear orange collars, so that in the event their kitty escapes, they will be recognized as a runaway indoor cat. They chose the color orange because it is reflective and bright. It is meant for people to eventually associate cats with orange collars as an escapee who may need your help! You can visit to learn more about this project (we know it sounds like a reallllly weird website, but trust us!).

Another way to keep your kitty safe and increase the chance of a happy reunion is to make sure they are microchipped. More information about microchips can be found in our previous blog posts.


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