The Importance of Your Pet’s Saliva…

By January 12, 2017Pet Talk

We know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “Self, why is it that saliva is SO important to my pets mouth?”. See? I told you. We knew what you were thinking. We’re pretty much mind readers here at Northwood.

-Saliva can prevent cavities in dogs because of its pH that buffers the acids that can break down pets teeth.

-Saliva helps with digestion by transporting the food safely to the stomach to be broken down.

-Saliva is actually antibacterial-contrary to popular belief. This is one of the reasons that pets lick at their wounds, though that licking alone will not totally heal their wounds.

-Saliva can still transfer bacteria to us, even though it contains an antibacterial component. Those sweet puppy kisses may come at a price of a possible infection or parasite transmission.

-Saliva from pets can actually cause an allergic reaction in us. Most believe that it is the pet hair or dander causing an allergic reaction, but most times it actually stems from their saliva. It does make sense if you think about it-pets groom themselves by licking, that saliva then dries on the fur and is what we come into contact with.

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