The Importance of Puppy Care!

By March 3, 2015Pet Talk

Who doesn’t love some pictures of adorable 3 day old puppies!? These boys and girls are Bernese Mountain Puppies born February 27th. They have already come in for their first exam and we have started them on a deworming schedule. Veterinary care is very important, even in the first days of a dogs life. Their exam included a thorough check of their heart, lungs, eyes, ears and nose. The good news is they all received a gold star! The Doctor will perform follow up exams along the way to ensure proper development. Finally, we will see them back to start their vaccination series at 8 weeks of age.¬†This will¬†ensure their protection against common diseases found in the environment before they find their fur-ever homes. Be sure to check back for the following posts all about puppies for the month of March!


bailey pup 1 bailey pup 2 bailey pup 3

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