The Importance of Microchips

By March 27, 2015Pet Talk

mcThe latest in pet retrieval is microchipping. This is something that can easily be performed during a puppy’s neuter or spay procedure OR can even be done at a booster appointment. This tiny device is implanted with a needle so the process is much like getting an injection. A special scanner can detect these chips; veterinary hospitals, humane societies, and animal shelters across the country also have scanners.  This does NOT act like a GPS locator and unfortunately will NOT tell us the location of a pet. A national registry permits the return of microchipped pets throughout the United States and Canada. We highly recommend for both dogs and cats.

The humane society of the United States recently published a study that involved 53 separate animal shelters, located throughout the United States, to determine the effect that microchips had in reuniting lost pets with their families.  In this study that involved thousands of animals, the results showed a 250% increase in reuniting microchipped dogs with their owners as compared to those dogs that had not been mircrochippped, and a 20-fold increase in reuniting lost cats with their family, in comparison to those that had not been microchipped.

Micropchipping gives your pet a silent voice.  Even though family pets cannot talk you have the power to provide a silent voice to your “best friend”.


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