The importance of dental radiographs for your pet…

By February 23, 2016Pet Talk

Dental x-rays are a standard in human dentistry. They have now become an essential tool in the maintenance of our pets’ oral health, by allowing us to see what is going on below the gum line. Did you know that over 50% of a single tooth is located below the gum?  Dental radiographs allow us to obtain a diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan allowing the necessary therapy to be performed during the pet’s anesthetic procedure.

Radiographs are important because much of the tooth lies below the gum line. The only way to evaluate the root structure, the inside of the tooth and the supportive bone is to take radiographs. Many treatment decisions are based on these radiograph findings.

The x-ray machine we use in veterinary dentistry is the same as in your dentist’s office, maybe even better. We use digital dental x-ray, which requires less radiation and dental images are available immediately, significantly decreasing anesthetic time for your pet.


Above is Rycki, one of our Licensed Technicians, performing digital x-rays on a dental patient.

radAbove is a picture of healthy molars.

Below is a picture of a right lower molar that has a tooth root abscess from a fractured tooth (see arrow).


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