The Importance of Annual Bloodwork Screenings

By April 14, 2015Pet Talk

Did you know that performing bloodwork annually on your pet is equivalent to us getting bloodwork done every 7 years?

Blood testing can detect illness in your pet, sometimes even before we can see any outward signs of disease.  Early detection means earlier prevention and treatment.  Testing healthy pets during wellness visits gives us your pet’s normal baseline values to compare to later.

We’ll routinely run a complete blood count (CBC) and a complete blood chemistry panel, which includes electrolytes and a urinalysis.  The CBC tells us if there is infection, inflammation, or anemia.  The chemistry panel and electrolytes tell us if your pet’s liver, kidneys, and pancreas are healthy and performing as they should. A T4 test provides information about your pet’s thyroid gland function.  This is extremely important because thyroid disease is common in dogs and older cats.

We perform a majority of your pet’s bloodwork in house to have results right away. Immediate results allow immediate treatment.  Blood testing takes only a few minutes and can save lives and costs in the long run.  In-house blood testing lets you be more involved in your pet’s care, as you and your veterinarian can rule out certain diseases right away so you can worry less.  And that’s better for both you and your pet.


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