The Birds and the Bees

By May 6, 2016Pet Talk

We know we just talked with you about the hazards of bird seed, now we can go over what to do when your pet gets stung by a bee. Just like humans, pets can have a reaction to being stung by a bee. ALWAYS call your Veterinarian immediately if you are concerned at all.

  • Reactions- They can have a mild, moderate and severe reaction.
    • Mild- As most of us have experienced, there is some pain that comes with getting stung. You may noticed some tenderness and redness in the spot where your pet was stung.
    • Moderate-After being stung, your pet may experience a swollen muzzle, hives and/or itchiness. Call your Veterinarian immediately if they experience any of these symptoms. This is classified as a more generalized reaction, but we always want to make sure that it won’t turn into anything more. There are ways we can help keep your pet comfortable.
    • Severe-This type of reaction can happen in a highly allergic pet or after multiple stings. An anaphylactic reaction may occur and symptoms include breathing problems, collapsing, weakness, vomiting and possibly death. THIS IS A MEDICAL EMERGENCY AND BE SURE TO CALL YOUR VETERINARIAN IMMEDIATELY.
  • Protection for your pet
    • avoid thick and grassy areas or places you know you have seen a nest.
    • teaching the command “leave it” can come in handy in case they find a nest.
    • if you know your pet has a history of severe reactions, talk with your Veterinarian to see what other precautions you can take.

If you think your pet has been stung by a bee, always play it safe and call your Veterinarian. It could be the difference between life and death.


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