Summer Health Concerns for Your Dog: Bugs!

By August 1, 2016Pet Talk

Well folks, we think we may have FINALLY made it to summer! We hope you are enjoying the sunshine and warm weather as much as we all are ­čÖé With every season that comes, they also bring different health concerns for your pooch. Here are things to watch out for while you are catching some rays this summer…

  • Bugs- We guess this is one thing (for some of us one of FEW things) about winter that we can enjoy-no bugs. Now that summer is here, it brings in all kinds of buzzing, blood sucking and stinging things.
    • Mosquitoes-Make sure that your pet is on a heartworm prevention, if they are not already.┬áThe FDA┬árecommends to keep your pets on a prevention year round, but in the summer it is ESSENTIAL. Heartworm is DEADLY and can easily be prevented with an affordable once a month chew. Heartworm Disease┬áis transmitted by mosquitoes and your pet can be infected with as little as 1 bite.
    • Ticks-These pesky blood-suckers can latch on to your pet (or YOU) and some ticks can transmit lyme disease. Keep your pet safe, as well as the rest of the human household, by putting your four legged friends on a tick prevention. We have 1 product available that will provide your pooch with 3 months of coverage with 1 chew-it’s just too easy not to have your pet protected.
    • Fleas- These tiny little guys can cause a HUGE problem for your pet and YOUR home! Fleas feed on blood meals from our beloved pets and cause them to itch and scratch. When your dog chews on his/her skin and ingest fleas they can also distribute tapeworms! Now not only does your pet have an external parasite, but one that resides in the intestinal tract as well. Did you know just one flea can produce upwards of 40-50 eggs in one day?! Now that’s a lot of fleas. Infestations are hard to get under control, not only do you need to treat all the pets in the home, but you need to treat your homes as well. Foggers, treatment sprays, and exterminators are all costly ways to have to deal with this pest! Make the smart choice and keep a flea preventive on your patient every month all year round! At our office we have multiple ways to control fleas with products like Advantage Multi, Trifexis, or Bravecto!


Here is an example of an engorged tick that was removed from a patient.


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