Signs of Stress in Your Dog

By April 29, 2016Pet Talk

Have you ever wondered if your dog is feeling stressed? Here are some signs to look for in stressed dogs and the recommended actions to take.

  • Yawning
  • Tongue flicks
  • Dry panting
  • Frantic sniffing
  • Refusing to┬ámove forward
  • Ignoring the thing that is bothering them on purpose
  • Crouched or shivering
  • Fleeing from trigger
  • Barking and lunging

If your dog is showing any of these signs, try taking a break from whatever is bothering them, move away from the object and slow down.

gertieHere is one of our sweet patients Gertie, who was here for her annual visit. Gertie is showing signs of stress by flicking her tongue and showing what we call “whale eyes” which is the white of her eyes, a sign of fear and stress.

hemiHere is another one of our patients, Hemi. He is showing a very relaxed posture, ears are forward and listening and no signs of stress listed above.


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