Should I Do Yearly Bloodwork For My Pet?

By October 22, 2017Pet Talk

When your pet comes into the vet office for their yearly check up you may be asked if you would like to update annual bloodwork by the technician and doctor. You may think why do I need blood work my pet is healthy? That may be true now but did you know doing bloodwork at least once a year at your annual visit can help detect early stages of disease or illness? Catching slight changes early can help extend your pets life!

Here at Northwood we offer a couple different blood work panels that are cost effective see them listed below.

Comprehensive Metabolic Health Screen:

  • Comprehensive Chemistry Profile: 27 panel
  • Electrolyte
  • Complete Blood Count
  • SDMA (early kidney disease detection)
  • Thyroid Hormone Level
  • Urinalysis

Basic Metabolic Health Screen:

  • Basic Chemistry Profile: 11 panel
  • Complete Blood Count
  • SDMA

Doing bloodwork is a vital part of the puzzle piece for doctor. They can do a physical examination and see what is going on outwardly but doing bloodwork will allow doctors some insight on what’s going on internally as well. Feel free to ask us about bloodwork at your next visit!

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