Scratching the surface about fleas (Part 2)

By August 7, 2014Pet Talk

As promised we are digging a little deeper!

  • Did you know? Fleas lay eggs in animals’ hair, then the eggs roll and drop off into the carpet, onto the furniture or outdoors.
  • A flea-infested pet is like a living saltshaker of parasite eggs. Cut down on parasitic sodium!
  • Flea eggs fall off an infested pet everywhere it goes. So lots of time spent on living room rug or couch = lots of eggs.
  • Squirrels, opossums, raccoons, stray dogs and cats – Oh my! They can all carry flea eggs into your yard.
  • Fleas hatch in carpet after you treat your pet. And they love a warm host. Expect to see some for 3 to 8 weeks!

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