Road Tripping With Fido

By July 16, 2017Pet Talk

Traveling with our furry friends can be a lot of fun but can also pose health risks to our pets. We will provide some tips for safe travel with your furry friends this summer.

Plan ahead! When taking your pet on your weekend trip or family vacation it is important to plan ahead. How will my pet get there, where will my pet stay, are there any emergency veterinarians by my vacation spot should you need to go to one.

Traveling with your pet in your vehicle or on a plane can be stressful it may be good to talk to your veterinarian about medication to ease the nerves/anxiety while traveling. We don’t want your pet to stress out and hurt themselves during the trip. If you know your pet is a bit more on the fearful side simply have the conversation and find out what is best for your pet during travel. Sometimes having your pet crated in the car can make them feel safe in their familiar environment. There are calming sprays you can use on their blankets as well. Take your pet for test drives! See how they like the ride and go from there. You can start with short drives and slowly increase your time in the car. Stop frequently when driving with your pets allow them to stretch, eliminate waste, and eat/drink along the way. Never leave a pet unattended, if it’s too hot or cold for us it is for them too.

As far as air travel it is important to have a health certificate from your veterinarian. Speak with your airline directly for requirements for travel. They may have specific time frames where preventive care needs to be completed before travel.

Finding hotels that accept pets can be difficult so do your research and book ahead of time. They may have size restrictions and quantity of pets per room.

Once you’ve decided on a travel destination check out the surrounding city where is the closest emergency veterinarian in the event your pet should need to go. Knowing whats available near you can potentially save your pets life!

Check out your hotels/cabins/campgrounds make sure there aren’t things around that could be harmful for your pet like poisons or loose garbage that your pet can accidentally ingest.

Keep your pets leashed while in new areas/public areas where other strange dogs can be present. Keeping them by you will help prevent aggressive dog encounters and fights.

Traveling with our pets can be fun just do your homework and let the good times roll, stress free travel for you and your pet!

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