Pet Talk: How to keep your cats and canines cozy in this critical cold weather

By December 30, 2013Pet Talk

In this week’s Pet Talk Dr. Klabunde explains how to keep your pet safe in freezing cold temperatures. 

If you are going to leave your pet in your car while you do your holiday shopping, she says to make sure it’s a larger dog with a thicker coat, or purchase sweaters and jackets for your pet.  

“They make all kinds of cute coats and jackets that you can always dress up your pet and, it sounds silly, but it really does keep them warm especially the smaller breeds,” Klabunde said.

Dr. Klabunde also says that age can be a big factor in how your pets handle the cold. If pets are older and dealing with other diseases or internal issues, the cold can affect them more quickly.

She also warns the christmas elves to keep the stockings full of goodies like chocolate out of a place your pet can reach them.

Klabunde said dark chocolate is the most toxic, then comes milk chocolate, then white chocolate – but none are good for pets.

And the same goes for those festive holiday plants.

“Mistletoe and poinsettias, there’s a myth out there that they’re highly toxic – that’s actually really not,” Klabunde said. “They can cause vomitting, but the real concerns are christmas holly, lillies and christmas rose.”


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