Pet Talk: How to deal with a skunky situation

By September 10, 2014Pet Talk

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Today Dr. Klabunde helped pet owners whose pet has gotten themselves into a stinky situation. If your pet has ever been sprayed by a skunk, you know how powerful the odor can be. There are several ways to deal with it but Dr. Klabunde recommends bathing the dog several times with a special solution:

Skunk Odor Remover Formula:

– 1 qt 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

– 1/4 box Baking Soda

–  1 tsp dish detergent (Dawn works well)


First, wash your pet as quickly as you can with a normal pet shampoo. Next, use the combined formula above to lather into the fur. Leave this mixture on your pet for 5 minutes, then rinse again. This may be repeated several times.

This formula does not keep so every time you are going to use it, make a fresh batch.  Keep in mind that the skunk odor penetrates the skin, so when your pet gets wet for weeks and possibly months to come, you may smell the odor again.

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