Pet Talk: Benefits of neutering your pets

By January 20, 2014Pet Talk

Dr. Klabunde offers insight into the world of pets and tips on daily pet issues. Catch Dr. Klabunde every Wednesday morning on 7&4 News at 6:20 and 6:40.

This week Dr. Klabunde breaks down the correct terminology for neutering pets, and explains the reasoning behind doing it.

For female pets, some of reasons include:

  • no unwanted litters
  • no heat cycles
  • no chance of pyometra later in life
  • greatly reduces risk of mammary (breast) cancer

For male pets, the reason include:

  • no unwanted litters
  • decrease/eliminate aggression, desire to roam, and dominant behavior
  • decrease chance of developing prostate disease or tumors-

See the full interview for more information. The puppy featured is also available for adoption through Handds to the Rescue.

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