Pet Gardening Fertilizer Hazards

By March 22, 2016Pet Talk

Fertilizers can bring lots of nutrients to your soil and plants, but did you know that some of them can be toxic to your pets?

  • Cocoa Mulch: This can be hazardous if ingested by your pet and potentially lead to seizures. This will be tempting to your pet to eat due to it smelling just like a sweet treat!
  • Compost: The warm environment in a compost pile can cause molds to grow that can be very toxic if ingested by your pets. All the fruits and vegetables can be tempting, so be sure to keep a close eye on your pooch.  Molds can release dangerous and poisonous mycotoxins that when ingested can cause vomiting, trembling and seizures. If your pet decides to over indulge on items, it can lead to pancreatitis, which is a painful inflammation of the pancreas and can cause vomiting.
  • Fertilizers: Certain ones contain iron or insecticides that can poison your pets. Try to purchase organic gardening products or ones that are labeled to be pet friendly.

If you believe that your pet has ingested any of the above materials, contact your Veterinarian immediately!

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