Obesity in Dogs

By September 23, 2015Pet Talk

All of us pet owners love to spoil our furry friends, but did you know those table scraps that you feed could put your pet at risk for a shorter life?

Obesity in Dogs is something that can cause a lot of health problems for our furry friends down the road. Dogs that are considered obese have an increased risk for both cancer and cardiovascular disease. Another issue is osteoarthritis. The extra weight puts a strain on your dogs’ joints and can cause them to develop painful arthritis, making it harder and painful to move around.

The good news is obesity is something that is very treatable. We would love to help you and your pet with a customized weight loss plan and diet. Give us a call today to start shedding the pounds on your pooch!

mg throwback

The picture above is one of our very own LVT’s, Melissa! This is her back in the day with one of here pups 🙂

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