Microchip Mistakes

By January 8, 2016Pet Talk

Does your furry friend have a microchip? If not, you should read our previous blog post with all of the benefits to microchipping your pet. If they do, here are the common mistakes people make with microchips.

  • Not registering a chip: As soon as the chip is implanted, it is working and transmitting. The only problem is that if you do not register it to you and your pet, they cannot be returned to you. After you register the chip with your information, a Veterinarian or shelter will be able to scan them and when they enter the number into a database it will come up with your information. This allows for a faster return of your pet.
  • Not keeping your contact information current: If the information kept on file for your pet’s microchip is not updated frequently, the wrong info will not allow them to be reunited with you. Our microchips come with a lifetime plan, so you will never have to worry about annual fees.
  • Call us today to set up a time to have your pet microchipped! It is a quick, easy and painless procedure that will last them a lifetime.

Make sure you keep your information updated, since your furry friend will have a hard time doing it themselves 🙂


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