Microchip FAQ’s

By January 15, 2016Pet Talk

Here are the answers to the most common FAQ’s about Microchips:

  • Q: Does it hurt my pet to be implanted?
    • A: If you saw our earlier post, you already have the answer! If not, don’t fear. The microchips are injected through a needle, just like vaccines. Some pets don’t even notice the needle!
  • Q: Will this help me to know where my pets are at all times?
    • A: This is NOT a GPS, so it will not be able to tell you the location of your pet. A microchip is a permanent form of identification, that can’t get lost like a collar. This chip will help to reunite you with your pet when they are lost and discovered by someone else.
  • Q: “What happens if my pet is microchipped and I lost their information?”
    • A: No problem! Have a Veterinarian scan them to locate their identification code. We can then enter that into a database that will give us the manufacturer’s information that you can use to contact them and make sure all of your contact information is up to date.
  • Q: “Are the radiofrequencies from the chip unhealthy for my pet?”
    • A: The microchips do not have a source of power and are only activated when a scanner is used. This only lasts for a few milliseconds and is completely painless and harmless for your pets.
  • Q: “Can my pet have an MRI done even though they are chipped?”
    • A: Yes! The chip will not be moved or pulled out by the magnets during an MRI. Make sure that you do scan after the procedure to make sure it is still working properly.
  • Q: “How much does a microchip cost? Are there annual fees?”
    • A: Call us today to talk about the affordable one time cost for a microchip. The manufacturer we use does NOT require annual fees, just a one-time fee will give them a lifetime enrollment. There are some companies that do require annual fees, so be sure to ask.



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