Let’s Talk Anxiety…

By June 30, 2017Pet Talk

With summer underway its important to talk about some of the major “booms and loud noises,” that can affect our pets and cause them some anxiety or to display anxious behaviors. Some sources of anxiety for our pets can be from summer thunder storms, loud fireworks, and separation anxiety when we come and go during the summer time.

If your pet is fearful or showing some signs he/she may have some anxiety you may notice they hide or seek shelter to get away from the loud noise source like thunder or firework booms. Your pet may pant excessively or cry out with each loud crack. If your pet has anxiety when separated from you they may display destructive behaviors such as excessive chewing, scratching, or eliminating in the home.

Some things that can be helpful if your pet is prone to experiencing episodes of anxiety would be to try at home remedies such as using a thunder shirt, calming sprays, and keeping your pets in a room in the center of the home as far from the noises as possible and dim the lights and play some background music. This gives them something else to focus on during the commotion. There are a lot of different options you can try at home to help sooth your pet. If those options aren’t quite strong enough you can always discuss starting medications for anxiety or for stressful events.

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