Learning From Our Feline Friends

By September 28, 2017Pet Talk

Cats can teach us a lot about life if we only choose to listen.

  1. Being clean: Our feline friends are very clean creatures. They spend a lot of time each day grooming. Their routines are meticulous and are a head to toe process.  Cats will wash after meals, playtime, naps, and eliminating. Humans are not as clean, it is best for us to shower just a couple times a week as showering often removes good bacteria and oils from our skin. Something cats can’t provide for themselves is oral care. We need to provide proper dental care as poor hygiene allows oral bacteria to spread throughout the body and your cat can develop infections like pneumonia. Regular brushing of the teeth at home and dental cleanings through your veterinarian will keep your cats teeth clean and healthy.
  2. Getting adequate rest: Both cats and humans need their sleep. When cats aren’t grooming, playing, or eating they are most likely napping. A healthy cat should get 18 hours of uninterrupted sleep while humans need just about 8 solid hours of sleep. Naps during the day can reduce stress and can add years to our lives. No wonder they say cats have 9 lives!
  3. Eating right: Cats in the wild hunt their prey such as birds and rodents at dawn and dusk as it is when the prey becomes most active. Indoor feeding schedules may differ from this a bit and it is important to feed our cats measured meals as if they are free fed they are prone to obesity which can also lead to them becoming ill. Obesity leads to health problems in humans as well so it is just as important for us to eat well too.
  4. Play hard: Cats are incredibly agile creatures and are able to get adequate exercise even indoors! From running and jumping, climbing the curtains, and racing through the house to beautiful stretchy kitty yoga poses. Exercise benefits both humans and cats in that it increases blood flow, releases endorphins, and rids us of toxins to name just a few.
  5. Respect for ones self: To dogs humans are owners but to a cat we are more like staff. Cats know what they want and they know how to get it all while respecting their selves. Cats are very communicative creatures and they use their whole bodies to do so. A gentle rub on their humans legs means “You’re mine or that “You belong to me.” A straight tail can mean “Follow me” A gentle squint of their eyes can say “I Love you.” Humans tend to bottle up their emotions or opinions and we could learn a lot from the honestly of our cats.
  6. Be devoted: Cats love to be held, talked to, and loved on just like dogs but with cats we have to earn their love and devotion. Cats are sensitive creatures and remember harsh words, neglect, abuse, or abandonment. They feel loss when their human passes, and when they are shown love they will return it greatly. We as humans should also seek devotion to one another and less separation. All you need is love and a cat!

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