Is Your Dog Protected? UV Rays and Parasites

By August 14, 2016Pet Talk

Summer is the best time to be outdoors and just like with us, we need to protect our pets from harmful UV Rays and pesky summertime bugs! Fleas. ticks, and mosquitoes are a big concern during the summer. Protect your pet so you can have more fun in the sun this summer and stay worry free!

  • Fleas cause our pets to itch, get skin infections, and can transfer tapeworms to our furry friend. Ticks are becoming more and more of an issue in Northern Michigan and these little pests can latch on to ours pets and even us! Yuck! Ticks carry multiple different tick born diseases like Lyme disease. Keeping your pet on a flea and tick preventive every month all year round will keep them parasite free and hopefully disease free as well.
  • Mosquitoes can infect our beloved pets with heartworms when they bite them. As many of us know, getting a mosquito bite is no fun but more importantly for our pets they can pass heartworms that if not treated,  can be a life threatening disease. Heartworm prevention should be given every month, year round as well. It is much easier to prevent this disease than to treat it, and it can be a costly treatment as well! There are many different products to choose from that fits you are your pets lifestyle needs.
  • Just like us, our dogs can fell the harmful rays of the sun and need a pet friendly sun screen. Wouldn’t want our babies to burn their paws, noses, and bellies this summer! Your local veterinarian will have ideas on what types of sun protectants are appropriate for your pet. Offer them shade from the sun while being outside this summer such as: an umbrella while at the beach or a dog house in the yard.


Protect your pets for a worry free summer of fun!


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