Interesting Dental Cases

By February 26, 2015Pet Talk

Fletch or flash

  • In photo number one we have Flash an 11 year old Labrador retriever, who came in for a wellness visit. At that time a dental cleaning was recommended due to moderate plaque build-up.  Once under anesthesia several cavities were found and extractions were needed.

Sara or Sally

  • In photo number 2 Sally a 6 year old mix was found to have a broken tooth while the owner was doing her routine teeth brushing at home. Under anesthesia a slab fracture was confirmed and the tooth was removed. They actually found the pulp was exposed and bleeding, which is VERY painful to live with.

Lilly or Rose

  • Finally in photo number 3, Rose a 3 year old shepherd mix came in for a wellness visit and a large tooth was noted to be broken. Upon further examination under anesthesia, a second tooth was found to have a slab fracture, where the tooth was broken directly in half.  The 1st tooth was able to be saved, and the second tooth was needed to be extracted.

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