How To Beat The Heat In Summer

By August 17, 2016Pet Talk

When the sun heats up it is important to pick activities to keep us and our pets cool. Are you and your pet staying inside with air conditioning blasting to avoid overheating? Well we’ve got a list of 5 FUN activities that will keep you cool and get you and your furry friend outside, catching rays, and enjoying these blazing summer days!

  1. Water Fetch: There are a couple different options for this type of fetch, sinking fetch or floating fetch. It will be fun to see which your pet prefers! In a big pool or lake throw the sinking toy in shallow water and floating toys in deep water. You can try with one toy at first and then add in a few more to see how many your pet can collect! This is a great way to get exercise and to stay cool. You can even jump in with your pet too!!
  2. Freezer Treats: Take a small sand castle pale or another small bucket fill it 3/4 full of water, you can flavor with chicken broth if you like. Then take your pets favorite jerky treats, baby carrots, good fruits like apples, pears, watermelon and add it into the bucket. Freeze over night and the next day pop it out for a licking good time that makes them work for their treats and cools them down in the process!
  3. Dock Jumping: This sport is perfect for water loving pooches! All you need is access to water, and a floating retrieving dummy! This activity will keep your pet cool and burn a lot of energy!
  4. Sprinklers: Set up various sprinklers around your yard and send the kids out to play with the pup! Encouraging the dog to chase them through each sprinkler will be sure to keep them all cool while having a bit of fun this summer….and the grass will thank you too!
  5. Outdoor Baths: Why not switch up your routine, set up a doggy spa day right in your own front yard! Use a hose and take your time lathering and rinsing, your pet will love the attention and will air dry quickly outdoors.


These 5 activities are sure to keep you and your pet cool during these hot summer days. We think they are pretty fun too 😉


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