Helping Your Kitty Become Your Co-Pilot

By August 29, 2016Pet Talk

Don’t we all wish our kitties were excited as their canine counterparts to go on road trips?! Since they show significantly less enthusiasm, here are some tips on how to travel with your feline co-pilot and may even, dare we say it, make it enjoyable for both of you!

  • Give them plenty of time to get used to the carrier. Try leaving it out in a main room where your kitty likes to hang out. Fill it with toys, treats and even food. Be sure to use positive reinforcement by praising your kitty when you see them going into the carrier. Also be sure to pick a carrier that has good ventilation. Make it so this carrier is a place that is associated with good things!
  • Make sure you have your kitty microchipped as soon as possible, just for a worst case scenario, like them escaping. Also, make sure that the microchip is registered to you and has up to date information.
  • Some kitties can get upset tummies when they travel. We recommend that you feed them at least 4 hours before the trip. If they are a grazer, be sure to pull the food 4 hours before the appointment to help prevent any vomiting.
  • Be sure to place the carrier on the floor. This way it is not sliding around in the back and you know they are safe.
  • This one is pretty much common sense, but we have to say it…NEVER LEAVE YOUR PET IN A PARKED CAR. NEVER!


After following these tips, hopefully your kitty will be as happy as little Sterling here!

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