Have More Fun and Less Stress on Your Holiday Travels!

By November 25, 2016Pet Talk

With the Holidays coming upon us quickly, we want to make sure you and your furry family members are prepared to have safe and healthy trips wherever you go.

Game of Foods

  • We know our pets would win awards for the puppy or kitty eyes they give us at the table, but take our word for it-it’s not worth the aftermath. One piece of turkey could lead to vomiting, diarrhea or even lead to a painful condition called Pancreatitis.
  • Some foods that are tasty for us, may not be safe for our four legged friends to eat. Foods that are high in fat content, turkey bones (or bones of any kind for that matter) and of course, chocolate.

Traveling Trip Ups

  • Make sure you have done your homework on where you are traveling to. You want to be aware of any different types of diseases or bugs (like ticks) that may be present, so you can protect your furry friend before you both leave.
  • Be sure that you know how your pet travels in a car. If they have not traveled at all with you, try short trips to see how they react. Try keeping them in crate. Not only will this help with motion sickness, it will also help to keep them safe in case of an accident versus having them roaming around the car. Placing a blanket over the crate can help to calm your pet and prevent them from seeing visual stressors, like other dogs. There are also all natural pheromone products like Adaptil for dogs or Feliway for cats, that can help with travel anxiety-talk with your Dr. for more information.
  • Plan ahead. If you are making a longer driving trip, make sure you have your lodging arrangements done ahead of time. This way you won’t have to worry about hotels being booked up around the Holidays or trying to find a pet friendly hotel in the middle of the night.
  • Limit the food intake before leaving. Try doing smaller amounts of food and water as you are traveling. This can help decrease the risk of motion sickness, as well as cutting down on excessive bathroom breaks.

Creatures of Comfort and Habit

  • Just like we always like to travel with our favorite stuffed animal, so does your pet. Try bringing their bed, blanket or toys with them. This will allow them to feel more comfortable wherever they may travel to. Don’t forget their food! Switching up diets along with the stress of traveling is a recipe for disaster. Now would not be the time to try a new diet or treats! Make sure that all your family and friends know this too and to not give your pet a treat, because we all know who would be dealing with the messy aftermath of that “little treat”!



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