Halloween Candy and Your Pets

By October 22, 2015Pet Talk

Halloween is a sweet and spooky time of the year. All those yummy treats you (or your little zombies) walked so far for can be very toxic to your pets. Here is some information on the dangers of your pets ingesting human treats.

  • Of all the candy, chocolate is the MOST toxic (and tempting) to your pet. The darker the chocolate, the more poisonous it is. If your pet ingests ANY type or amount of chocolate, call your Veterinarian immediately! The sooner you act on this, the better.
  • Pets can over-indulge on sweets (just like us). This can cause an upset stomach or other painful digestive problems. Be sure to keep that candy bowl out of paws reach from your four legged friends.
  • Some people will pass out healthy things, like raisins, for treats. These little guys can be very dangerous for your pet if ingested. So even though your child may not want their raisins, make sure they aren’t giving them away to your pooch!
  • Candy wrappers can cause also problems within the digestive tract if they are ingested. Make sure that all those wrappers make it into a trash container that is not accessible by your fur-family.

If your pet gets into anything out of the ordinary over this spooktacular holiday, make sure you know “who you’re gonna call” in these emergency situations; as the Ghostbusters tend to be very busy this time of the year!



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