Football Rivalry Weekend in Michigan!

By October 15, 2015Pet Talk

Do we have any college football fans out there?! The time is finally here for all you Spartans and Wolverines! This Saturday is when the Michigan State University’s Spartans take on University of Michigan’s Wolverines. Here at Northwood, we have quite a few Spartan fans and graduates (Go Green, Go White!). Who will you be rooting for this Saturday? Or more importantly, who will your four legged friend be helping you cheer for?

Lucky and Shadow are two brothers that will be cheering for opposite teams (see their picture below). Aren’t they just adorable?! I don’t know if I could handle the tension in that house on game day!

Here are some tips on how to keep your pets just as happy as you during your game day festivities!

  • If your pet does not enjoy your cheering (or yelling) at the television as much as you do, try putting them in a quiet area away from all of the excitement.
  • If you love decorations as much as we do, we know there will be glitter and streamers everywhere! Make sure that you put the decorations in places where your pet can’t get tangled up or chew on them.
  • Try taking your pet for a nice walk or run before everyone comes over, that way they won’t be running laps around the table and guests.
  • Putting a long leash on your dog can help you prevent them from tackling your guests like Ndamukong Suh. This can also be helpful if small children are around, you can use the leash to prevent your excited pooch from sacking the kids.
  • Be sure to keep food and beverages out of paws reach. Let your guests know that offering any type of food and beverages will be a penalty and cost them 15 yards (or a few pretzels)!
  • It may be tempting to keep the garbage can in an easily accessible location for your guests, but remember that also means easy access for your pet. Prevent them from┬áscoring a (food) touchdown and keep the garbage in a secure location.
  • If your pet enjoys suiting up for game day and representing┬átheir teams’ colors, make sure that they are comfortable. You want them to be able to move freely (to run in a pass to the endzone!) and bark easily (so they can cheer right along with you).


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