Flooring Tips for Dog Owners

By August 17, 2017Pet Talk

Weather you’ve got carpet, tile, hard wood, or other types of flooring in your home we’ve got some tips and tricks to keep it looking good for as long as possible. Puppies are usually the hardest on our floors but dirt and scratches don’t go away with age but we can help prevent scratches and messes before they start by making some proactive changes in the home.

Flooring of all types can be easily scratched especially hard wood. Keeping your pup’s nails trimmed regularly can help keep the floors scratch free. Your veterinary staff will be able to clip the nails if you are unable with nail clippers design for your pets nails. At home owners can try using a dremel tool to take off sharp points on the nails. There are nail caps you can purchase through pet stores as well, these plastic nail coverings go onto each individual nail and come in a wide range of colors. Booties and socks are another option but it may be challenging to keep them on!

Wood, laminate, and vinyl flooring may be hard for your dog, especially older dogs to gain traction on. Some things you can use to help your pets stay upright on their feet are; toe grips-plastic rings that slide over the nail leaving the tip still exposed, Pup approved wax applied to the bottom of your pet’s paws, rugs, and keeping long hair trimmed back on the feet.

High traffic areas and feeding areas tend to be the dirtiest spots and the wettest. Keeping mats under food and watering dishes help with easy cleanup and protect your floors. Another way to keep dirt and dampness to a minimum is to have a mat or rug on either side of doors that your pets come in and out of frequently. For our really messy pets (diggers and puddle lovers) you can set up a paw wash station by the door they come in from outside and clean their feet before entering the home.

Keeping those carpets clean! Vacuuming often is key to a clean floor when you have pets. Just remember how great the house looks when you’re done and the pet hair and dirt is gone! Cleaning small messes up with a smaller cleaning machine is easy and a perfect go to for the little stuff. Every so often pulling out the big guns and getting your carpets cleaned either with a steam cleaner you have or by a professional will keep your home looking great.

When getting new flooring look for pet friendly materials that are urine, scratch, stain, and moisture resistant will keep your floors looking good for longer.

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