First Aid For Your Pets

By October 3, 2015Pet Talk

It’s easy to make your own first aid kit!

You will need a few simple supplies that can be picked up at most pet stores.


*Hemostat for removing quills or sticks & splinters

*Bandage supplies for any cuts

*Non-stick gauze to place under bandage for lacerations

*Adhesive tape

*Scissors for cutting bandage material

*Sterile Saline to flush wounds


*Suture material in case a wound needs temporary closure

*Hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting


*Quik Stop for bleeding claws

*Benadryl for allergic reactions

*Nylon leash that can be used to control your pet, but can also be used as a muzzle if needed

*Veterinarian’s name and number in case of emergencies


Store these in a gallon ziploc and leave it under a seat or in your trunk so that you have it for the time when you (hopefully don’t) need it.

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