Feeding Your Kitten

By August 18, 2015Pet Talk

There are lots of choices of cat foods. What should I feed my kitten?


Diet is extremely important in the growing months of a cat’s life, and there are two important criteria that should be met in selecting food for your kitten. We recommend a NAME-BRAND FOOD made by a national cat food company (not a generic or local brand), and a form of food MADE FOR KITTENS. This should be fed until your kitten is about 12 months of age. Purina Pro Plan is the exact formula we recommend for any pet, any age.


Feeding a dry, canned, or semi-moist form of cat food is acceptable. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Dry food is least expensive. It can be left in the cat’s bowl at all times. As a rule, most veterinarians will recommend dry food for your kitten. If your cat develops a weight problem with age we will likely recommend a canned food for him.


Canned foods are also acceptable. They are considerably more expensive than dry food. They often are more appealing to the cat’s taste; however, they are not more nutritious. If you feed a very tasty food, you are running the risk of creating a cat with a finicky appetite. In addition, the semi-moist foods are high in sugar.


Table foods are not recommended. Because they are generally very tasty, cats will often begin to hold out for these and not eat their well-balanced cat food. If you choose to give your kitten table food, be sure that at least 90% of its diet is good quality commercial kitten food.


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