Easter Hazards for Your Four-Legged Friends

By March 1, 2016Pet Talk

As the Easter holiday is quickly hopping our way, take these precautions to prevent a sick pet during this festive time.

  • Easter Lillies: a beautiful toxin…we know they are very pretty, but your feline friend could be tempted by these fragrant flowers? ALL parts of the Lilly are dangerous and if ingested can lead to kidney failure. If you are worried that your kitty may have nibbled on your Lillies after a case of the “hangries”, call your Veterinarian immediately.
  • Easter Grass: a little sparkle and shine can go a long way… so be sure that your pets aren’t tempted to ingest any of that Easter basket filling. Ingestion can cause GI upset and other dangerous complications. We know that your pet is adorable, and even cuter while playing with it; take the pros advice, they can also swallow it quicker than you can grab it out of their mouths!
  • Easter bunnies: the ones covered in chocolate and not fur…did you know that the pet poison line sees an increase of over 200% of their calls relating to chocolate ingestion around Easter?! Make sure that the only type of bunny your pet can chase are the ones outside…with fur.


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