Dog Walking, Good For The Soul

By November 12, 2017Pet Talk

“Your K9 companion can be your best meditation partner,”-Bark Magazine. This time of year is just extraordinarily beautiful with the changing and falling leaves and brisk changes in temperature. It can make for a really peaceful walk. Taking your dog for walks can be beneficial to the both of you. Mindful dog walking happens with practice. The goal is to keep your cool during time of chaos. So whether you have a rambunctious puppy or a constant sniffing senior practicing these four steps to mindful walking can greatly benefit you and your four legged companion.

  1. Focus on yourself: If you’ve got a dog that is acting up do not give him the attention that rewards his excitement. Try standing upright, eyes closed, head straight, or gazing forward. Pay attention to stressed or tensed muscles and let them relax. This can help show your pup that this behavior is not warranted.
  2. Breathing: Listen close to your breathing if you notice it is shallow or uneven take some deep breaths to regulate it. Really take air in and expand your abdominal cavity and exhale twice as long as the inhale was. This will result in relaxation. As you breath like this you may notice a short pause appear in between the inhale and exhale. Use that time to just rest and enjoy the moment.
  3. Notice your surroundings: Take in what’s going around you if your dog is circling around and sniffing continuously focus on the road ahead until he gets the hint and changes the behavior.
  4. Thoughts: Let the thoughts flow! You don’t need to silence your mind while walking. Approach what’s going on around you like a busy concert where you can hear your surroundings but your focus is on the music or your breathing.

Meditating with your pup will result in you both being more calm and relaxed on walks.

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