Dog Safety In The City

By November 30, 2017Pet Talk

Do you and your four legged companion live the city life? Living in the concrete jungle means you and your canine need to have a particular set of skills to stay safe while venturing around town. Car accidents, bicyclists, public transportation, other dogs and people pose health risks to your dog like injury, death, dog bites, and many other things. A well trained pup will be city safe!

  • Patience, Patience, Patience: Using commands like “wait” is very important for a dog living in the city, sitting and staying while waiting for or on an elevator, sitting at a café, waiting at a cross walk, or resting on a park bench. Another handy command is “under.” Teaching your dog to lie down or sit “under” you while you sit at a bench or at a café will keep your pet close to you and out of sidewalk traffic, skateboarders, bicycles, and paths of other dogs.
  • “Leave it!” This is another powerful command you can use to keep your pet street safe in the city. This way your dog will hopefully avoid trips to the ER for ingesting garbage, bones, or anything else lying around the streets.
  • People come in all shapes and sizes: City life means your pet will be exposed to different people often. They may be walking, running, skateboarding, wearing work closes/uniform, they may be pushing a cart, you name it it’s out there. Fast passed life on the city walk can be scary and stressful for some pets. Creating a positive association with these things and people by using high-value rewards like treats to achieve this.
  • Heel and hear: Walking with a heavy heel is helpful when walking the city streets. When juggling a stroller, groceries, or a package you want your pet to stay close with little command. Teaching to follow and listen for your walk can achieve calm walking down a busy street
  • Lobby Manners: When you and your pup finish your city walk it is important to have your dog walk in slowly by your side as apartment buildings or lobby’s can be slippery, full of people, doormen, and possibly other dogs. Staying calm, cool, and collected will ensure that your dog is safe and happy living the city life!

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