Does your pet have dry, flaky skin?

By July 23, 2015Pet Talk

Does your cat or dog have dry, flaky skin? This could be due to a lack of omega fatty acids in their diet. To help them get their daily allotment of this, we can add in a supplement called Missing Link. This can be added to their food once daily and is kept in the refrigerator.  Not only does it have the omega fatty acids to help with dry, flaky skin, it will also help their coat shine! The Missing Link will also help with other body systems by helping boost their immune and digestive systems and puppies with brain development. It also helps with soft tissue, muscle, tendon and ligament function.

It can also help to bathe your pet on occasion to removal the dead skin. Like we talked about in the last post, you want to be sure to not bathe them too frequently (at least 2 weeks between baths) and make sure you are using a pet friendly shampoo (like the aloe and oatmeal shampoo and conditioner shown below).



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