Ditching Those Holiday Blues

By December 24, 2017Pet Talk

Our pets are in tune with their surroundings as well as their owners emotions. The holiday blues can affect them too. People are coming and going, we bring a large tree inside with untouchable ornaments, and bake an endless supply of sugary non-doggy friendly treats. Keep your pet jolly during the hectic holiday season by looking for signs that they may experiencing holiday stress.

  • Loss of appetite
  • Lack of energy and interest
  • Lip licking and/or yawning
  • Becoming boisterous or whining
  • Hiding, cowering, or ignoring your “come” calls
  • Turning into a shadow and following your every step
  • Urinating or defecating in the house after years of excellent potty habits

If these behavioral changes aren’t addressed they can continue long after the holiday season is over.

Planning on taking a dog free vacation or traveling with out your pets? Be sure to find either a house sitter or boarding facility that can properly care for your pets during the holiday season. Keep an eye on your pet while you are away with a wide variety of high-tech monitoring devices.

Tips for beating the holiday blues:

  • Keeping a smile on your pups mug will be easy with power walks, book some time each day with your pooch to relieve built up holiday stress! You’ll both be feeling merry and bright after burning some of those extra holiday calories.
  • Schedule cuddle time! Find a quiet time each day to sit with your favorite furry friend and enjoy each other for 5-10 minutes. This ritual can help you both get through the busy family filled days.
  • Make a special dog friendly holiday treat for your pet. They’ll be feeling the love with a treat made just for them! You can find many dog biscuit or meatball recipes online.
  • Book activities that you and your pet can do together like a leashed walk through a decked out neighbor hood.

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